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Welcome to Un courant de vert!

Here you will find articles on veganism and well-being. If you are new to this, you will discover as you go through the articles some definitions of this lifestyle, but mainly a commitment towards animals. No judgment, I swear. My husband isn’t 100% vegan and I still have in mind the long way I’ve been on to become vegan myself. This blog is a possibility to try out some recipes too.
Designed for vegetarians or vegans, this blog offers you recipes to test, shops and restaurants to discover… It is also a sharing place to exchange and delve deeper into your thoughts!

About me

My name is Gwendoline Yzèbe, I am 2ç. I am a journalist by day and a writer by night. I have been vegan for three years.
My first book ”Vivre végane”, was published in June 2016 (French), my childhood dream had come true! I had imagined I’d publish a novel, but I am glad it turned into a practical guide to help vegans and vegans to be.

I have three cats: Chanel, Loukoum, and Mona, and two rats: Merry and Pippin, both rescued from a laboratory. Apparently my husband looks like Zlatan (minus the muscles). More importantly, his patience knows no limits when I take pictures of our meal to share it on social media or for the blog.

I share my time between writing, cooking, and sports. I am always eager to discover new things, which is also why I like traveling. And when I don’t travel, I welcome couchsurfers at home.

This blog is where I can share what drives me, but also a place to meet people, and go deeper into my thought process regarding the anti-speciesism battle.


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